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One day during the 2000 Games, I was walking amongth the crowd,
greeting overseas visitors,
when the Spirit of the living God came upon me
I met several visitors from the UK
and asked them

"Go and speak to the poor man
Go and encourage the homeless man, the unemployed man...."

speaking words in fulfillment of Isaiah 61  verse 1  - to preach good news to the poor.

now James Chapter one and two teach that a Christian should have faith with words and action
clearly we are to feed the hungry and house the homeless and find jobs for the unemployed
but here was I living off my savings in an unfunded ministry on the plazas of Sydney Olympic Park
all I had was faith and words
words to speak forth to  speak into lives to go and speak a word of encouragement themselves
to the poor I would never meet from here, the ends of the earth.

Go - encourage the poor

implying - do not pass him by
                do not dispise  the poor man

but show compassion

tell him the local Pastor during the 2000 Games cares for him - from here, now.

for my desire is to be hospitable to our visitors
and to pray for and think of the poor, the marginalised and the hurting.

there were two hero athletes who captured the imagination of the crowd in Sydney
Cathy Freeman , a young indigenous woman who won Gold for her stride in running
the lone African swimmer who swam alone, struggling to get to the finishing line
     as the crowd cheered on our battler hero
     who had trained in a crockodale infested river.

our heroes are those who try
those who get knocked down and get up again

and the Lord says
"Those who endure to the end are saved"