"The Spirit of the Lord is upon me
because He has annointed me
He has sent me to bring
good news to the oppressed (the poor)
to bind up the broken hearted
to proclaim liberty to the captives
and release to the prisoners (captives)"

Isaiah 61 verses 1 - 2
NRSV Harper Study Bible

Pastor continued to pray
after the 2000  Games

During 2010 - 2012
he experienced significant
progress in his recovery
and his understanding
and has written -

Detraumatisation from 
the trauma of
being sexual assulted in childhood

Men Opening hearts to Jesus Christ
my Christian based recovery

Prayers for a fulfillment of Isaiah 61 for male survivors of csa.

         Since 1993, when Sydney was awarded the 2000 Games and I was a local denominational pastor of a local suburban church, it was my resolve to pray outside the main stadium on the Opening Night of the 2000 Games.

litle did I know WHAT the Lord would place on my heart to pray.

and so on the Opening Night I prayed unofficially, unauthorised, and unoticed (apart from the on site security who came to know me) in the places the Lord provided for me on site.

         I prayed for the partition of the Sudan, after hearing how the north bomed the villages of the south.

         I prayed for Japanese couples whoes weddings I had blessed

         I prayed for the "Eternity" message being portrayed during the Opening Ceromony

         I prayed for a fulfillment of Isaiah Chapter 61 for male survivors of csa.

                  as I knew not any ministry or  programme for us at the time.

             ( may there be a fulfillment to adult survivors and female survivors ) 

How this came into being ...

         In 1998 during counselling "it" surfaced - I recalled being molested by a teacher when I was 14.

Since my early twenties the Lord had told me I needed to deal with "it" I just knew not what"it" was.

now I know.  now I knew what I had to deal with.

I asked my counsellor  "What are the twelve steps of recovery?"

she replied "there is none"

as I began my search for answers, for the way to recover from csa (child sexual abuse)

a Christian friend suggested that God may be wanting to use me to develop such a ministry to survivors

and so I began to pray

at the place the Lord provided  in the plaza behind Stadium Australia - the opposite end to where the flame would burn.

where I pray  specifically for an ongoing fulfullment of Isaiah Chapter 61.

     ( picture taken and published with permission  - not for commercial use)

by the time of the Games in September I had recorded steps of recovery

which I later wrote and can be read to this day.

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