Prayer for a fulfullment of
Isaiah 61

" In this you greatly rejoice,
 though now for a little while
 you may have had to suffer grief  
 in all kinds of trials

These have come so that
your FAITH - of greater worth than GOLD
... may  be proved genuine.."      

      1   Peter  Chapter 1  verses 6 - 7  (NIV)

Tower 20  Home





There are 19 towers on
the Olympic Boulevard
one for each host city
in the twentieth centuary
( published with permission)

More Than Gold at Homebush Bay

  In 1993 the 2000 Games were awarded to Sydney.  the preparations for the bid and the concept design for Homebush Bay go back at least another 5 years.

   From the morning - 4.30am -  when I was out on a field at Homebush Bay it was time for work.

I rang 2WS by 5am.  Sunday night I was interviewed on 2GB

there were submissions to write - to the planners of the site, transport needs and presenting the vision of local ministry

to supplement city wide ministry.  I was on 3 - 5 commitees.

     The city wide ministry adopted the name - Quest Australia  More Than Gold

and I negotiated an agreement that I organise the local Homebush Bay More Than Gold Committee for local ministry.

following on from the 1993 briefing to local ministers at my Auburn Church

our 1996 More Than Gold Luncheons

and the Homebush Bay and Inner West Aussie Awakening Easter Prayer Vigils held on site

we were the only comittee to also hold New Years Eve Prayer Vigils.


from Homebush Bay to the world.

,In September 1999 I was given a new computer for internet ministry in 2000.

It was a steep learning curve with many late nights.

CRN  and a collegue built   to make local ministry available overseas

,I found a Christian Hosting site and set up and maintain a local ministry site originally based in Newington.

Newington precinct 1 and 2 were the Athletes Village during the Sydney Games..

during 1999 and early 2000 I had the use of a prayer room overlooking Sydney Olympic Park


Enduring Faith

friday 19th September 2000


prayers from Homebush Bay.

Enduring Faith on You Tube